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About me

Hi there,

I am Larisa, a stay-at-home mom. My beautiful princess, Sofia, represents the most important thing in my life and since she was born, she is my number one priority. As every parent in this world, I try to offer her the best things, and I donโ€™t mean material things. I want her to have access to quality educational systems, natural ingredients-based food, a wide range of personal development activities and so on ๐Ÿ˜Š

Unfortunately, a few years ago, both my parents had some medical issues. Luckily, they are both ok in this moment. But what happened to them made me realize that our lifestyle is extremely important for our health. And when I say โ€œlifestyleโ€ I refer to a lot of things like: what we eat, how we spend our time, who are the people around us, how we manage our emotions, how we control the stress level in our lives. For me, and this is not a medical opinion, because I donโ€™t have any qualification to express medical or scientific opinions, the three main factors that determine our health during our lifetime are:

1. Stress
2. Food
3. Environment

Now, some of these are impossible to be controlled by one individual or a small group of individuals. But your food and your eating habits are things that you can control. And you can also control what your family eats. Not a 100%, but the food they eat at home can definitely be a prerogative in a momโ€™s life.
For me, food is important. I like food. I also like, from time to time, to eat junk food. I know this is not healthy, but I think that if you want to have a good relation with your food, you should concentrate on moderation, not drama. If your relation with food is based on drama, daily restrictions, intolerant approaches for an ingredient /dish/eating habit, this will only create a lot of FRUSTRATION.

And this happens to your kids, too!

So, on this blog, I am doing my best in offering you super-easy recipes, but also delicious and natural based meals. I use kitchen gadgets to easy my cooking, but YOU CAN ADAPT ANY OF MY RECIPES TO CONVENTIONAL COOKING! YOU DONโ€™T NEED TO HAVE A THERMOMIX OR A CROCKPOT, OR ANY OTHER GADGET THAT YOU SEE IN MY VIDEOS, TO HAVE THE SAME EXCELLENT RESULT!

For every recipe on this blog, I will provide you useful information about the ingredients I use, the taste that I want to obtain in the end, the satisfaction that I gain when I feed my family with these healthy meals. For me, healthy is not the same with dietetic! NOT AT ALL! Children donโ€™t need dietetic meals; they need food that provides them all the ingredients necessary for a healthy development. They need fats, good fats as much as possible, vitamins, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates. And from time to time, not daily, they need desserts, because they love the sweet taste of desserts. And if you offer your child a homemade dessert filled with natural ingredients, you hit the jackpot! Because you have on one hand, the pleasure of your kids in eating something sweet, and on the other hand, the satisfaction that you offered them a quality ingredient based, home-cooked dessert.
And thatโ€™s all you need to be and to feel a happy mom. Even if your day was long and hard, and maybe you skipped your shower or your coffee today, you can go to bed fulfilled with joy and satisfaction, because you did your best for your family!

So, HELLO MOMS and DADS and GRANNYS or AUNTIES all over the world! And Welcome to my blog! We are a great community and we will grow together nice and healthy kids! Thank you for trusting me, I guarantee you that I will do my best to live up to your expectations!